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The challenge

Village needed to formulate their corporate strategy and create understanding and buy-in among their employees at operational level.

How we solved it

After a number of strategy workshops among the leadership team – the key principles and philosophies as well as the operational imperatives were conceptualised as a set of Visual Strategy Maps per operation. These helped employees understand the big picture and gain a sense of ownership and involvement in executing their part of the strategy.

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“Simplicity is what we wanted. And that is what was achieved through this process and the development of the Visual Strategy Maps. They make recall very easy as a picture is painted in one’s mind as opposed to several paragraphs of text”.


Dalu Ncube, COO, Village Main Reef.

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The Challenge

The leadership team needed to create alignment and buy-in among senior management and employees to their strategic direction following a corporate transaction.

How we solved it?

Through a set of honest, no-holds-barred strategic conversations among key stakeholders THINKspiration  enabled the different role players to see their common cause, voice their concerns and fears and having done this clearly articulate their ‘dream’ future. 

Pan Africa

“This was a key turning point for us a company. From this conversation on we moved forward as one team, with one dream! The share price tells the story better than I can”.


Jan Nelson, CEO Pan African Resources 2008-2013

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The challenge

MMC needed clarity and alignment among the leadership team which crystallized the why, the what, and the where to focus their energies and allocate their resources.

How we solved it

Through comprehensive and in depth strategy conversations using visual stimulus and techniques THINKspiration enabled MMC to thrash out issues and come to a shared understanding of what they needed to do and why.

MMC Case Studies

“This process enabled us to create a simple summarised and workable document with agreed action plans that could be easily executed by all team members”.


Leon Arthur, Managing Director, MMC

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