New Tools for a New World

The world has changed! Advances in digital technology have created a fundamental shift in the power of information today and in the way we consume it.

Leaders therefore need to use the most effective tools to package and ‘sell’ their strategy. Tools that simplify complex messages in short and memorable formats, encourage interaction and collaboration and create shared meaning. The trusty 100 + PowerPoint deck, usually presented by one to many simply doesn’t work any more. The S.O.S (Send Out Stuff) mentality just exacerbates clutter and information overload and often results in more chaos and confusionCreating a shared meaning cannot result from ONE WAY communication – at its very heart it implies dialoguediscussiondebate and conversation. These are the keys to active engagement– the cornerstone of effective strategy implementation.

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The bottom line is that if we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always got! Strategy communication needs a new game plan.

The Solution

The new game plan is simple, it’s always been there; it’s intrinsic to our very humanity. It’s a universal language we all intuitively relate to and know how to speak. That universal language is: STORY!
The proposition is simple: to win the hearts and minds of employees and see their strategies come alive, leaders need to distill their corporate strategy into a compelling story.  Then they have to get out there….to the far reaches and deep recesses of the business and tell it! Passionately and convincingl

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